One feature I would like to see is:

Please improve the new support system

I am find the new system vastly harder to use than the only one.

It is hard to see any replies, when I do reply then obviously it is not seen by staff as no further action is taken. I have a ticket that has sat for 2 weeks with no staff response!

You click on Open Manage which I assume is to do with opening and managing tickets and you are sent back to the main control panel.

The emailed replies do not have any reply link and actually come from a non-liquidweb address with noreply as the user!

Tickets are also closed without notify the user.

The only ticket system worked fine.

Sorry, but this is a step backwards :(

or maybe I am just getting older.....

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  • Timothy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you Ms. Carl for getting in touch with me.

    I am a forced transfer from WiredTree when they were bough out. I can tell you that admins at WiredTree were a lot nicer and appreciated their customers much more than the ones at LiquidWeb seem to.I would characterize admins at LiquidWeb as "icy".

    WiredTree loved to hear from their customers and make sure everyone was super satisfied. I believe that LiquidWeb has made a major strategic error in moving to this very buggy Help Center system. It just makes LiquidWeb look bad.

    I am surprised that when you tested the Help Center software you did not notice that new comments were not showing up when users entered them into the system. That you must do a full manual page load in order to see new comments that either you have posted or one of the techs has posted. What makes it so much worse is you use all these scripts in the UI that makes it take forever for the page to load. This is not good software. And not good design. If you are going to use 'fancy' scripts in your UI please make sure that it at least does something useful like presenting the latest comments posted on the ticket to the user. Think about it like this: It should basically work like a chat script. I am surprised that LiquidWeb thought that this would be a good idea to implement this system in its present state.

    I have opened a ticket to report these obvious defects but tech support always closes it out and they say that they won't fix it and that there is not timeline for resolution. Again, I am shocked that LiquidWeb would adopt such a system in 2018 that clearly does not satisfy basic use cases.

    That indicates poor quality control. Makes one wonder what else is wrong in the company if you can't get your own Help center to work right. Also, according to the admins, there is no timeline to get it working even.

    If you read the ticket you will see that the admins say that they are able to verify my claims that the Help Center is not updating content as it should. However, they always go on to tell me that they won't fix it. Then they just close the ticket out as if they had actually fixed it. WiredTree never acted this way.

    If tech support is willing to close tickets out without resolving issues then it makes me wonder about LiquidWeb's company culture. I am planning a major project in the future and don't want to spend thousands $$$ with a company that can't get the basics right and also closes tickets by pretending that they fixed problems that they themselves openly admit exist. Again, WiredTree was a better company.

    Please review ticket #02106097 for details.

    Thank you.

  • AdminAlexandra Carl (Voice of the Customer Manager, Liquid Web) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Timothy,

    Several large improvements have been made in the past few months since you last opened a ticket in the system. I'm curious what your experience is with the Help Center now?

    I am happy to take specific improvement ideas back to the team for implementation. What would you like to see changed?

  • Timothy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with all of the above. I opened a ticket with LiquidWeb regarding these same issues and they told me nothing would ever be done to fix it!

    It's like LiquidWeb just does not care anymore.

    Their Customers just not their priority. Sad really.

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