One feature I would like to see is:

Improve Feedback email and support FAQ

New Account Feedback: In addition to setting up an account for my website I have also helped two of my clients. With all three the username/password combos for account manager and cPanel have been messed up. The special instructions tends to get ignored as well. In the special instructions I ask for a specific name for the home directory and that was missed twice and I/we had to follow up with a service request to have it renamed.

* Account manager password
* Support password
* cPanel password

There is no reason for the follow up phone call which seems to lead to more confusion than providing a single welcome email with all the signing credentials to both Account Manager and cPanel.

If it were me I would add a line for preferred account name or home folder for customers who care. I might also add a line for 3rd party software such as ImageMagick, as the special instructions seems to get at least partially ignored.

cPanel - MX Records - To anyone familiar with updating the MC records you would obviously do this via cPanel. Unfortunately it doesn't worked that way with your shared account cPanel as the MX records do nothing. Not realizing this I updated the MX record entry in preparation of moving a website from another host. This cost my client (and myself) dearly as their email was down over 24 hours longer than it would have been had I known.

For that reason I would disable that from cPanel and add something more obvious such as update MX entry to account manager to set the visitor's expectation. "Domains" in insufficient when MX Records is commonly known.

Welcome email message inclusions/format:

Welcome intro (Welcome to LiquidWeb, etc)

Account Manager:


Support password:
1) Definition/purpose
2) How to access: Sign into Account Manager, click on ..., etc...



Remote/hosted: If you have email hosted elsewhere (,,, etc,), do the following to ensure that your email@website is set up corrrectly.
1) ...
2) ...
3) ...
If LW email do:

Common FAQ, New Website FAQ, Transfer Website FAQ:

There are 20 or so very common questions (php.ini, email, redirects, etc.). Make these immediately accessible via Some of this stuff is readily available if you know the right expression to google, but having it in hand makes life much easier. The less time your technicians have to spend on incidental questions, the more time they can devote to quality service and improvements.

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